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If your long-term memory is not yet completely shot, you may recall that in April, during the rosy days of the Payola Six scandal, Zink magazine issued a press release reminding everyone that while alleged extortionist Jared Paul Stern sat on their masthead as a contributing editor, his work at the mag never "entered into the sphere of gossip" and, to their knowledge, he had not committed any major crimes while doing his work for the publication. OK, Zink — thou doth protest too much, but you need the attention so it's OK.

Since then, the magazine has stayed loyal to Stern, keeping him on staff and allowing his fedora to still grace Zink's pages. In fact, this month he's pictured on the contributor's page; the first line of his bio reads, "Jared Paul Stern is the former editor of Page Six magazine and the New York Post's Books section." Notes fellow Zink contributor Jason Feifer: "It's a bit like writing, 'Saddam Hussein is the former president of Iraq and leader of the Ba'ath party.'"

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