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Ah, fair Harvard: It always seems that the sun shines just a little bit more brightly on your sons and daughters than on the rest of us. But where are your matriculates to read about their favorite subject, themselves, apart from two alumni magazines, the Vows section of The New York Times, and, well, every other major publication? Step forward David Bradley, the bankroll behind 02138, a mag that's been described as "Vanity Fair for Harvard" for at least the last seven months. Bradley, whose recent innovations at The Atlantic involve jacking up the page count by publishing the letters of everyone who writes to the magazine, including convicts, derelicts, and people who fill out the subscription cards, has put his faith in 27-year-old Bom Kim, a (wait for it) Harvard grad with a vision: "the people, and their lives after Harvard." The vision includes charts, blogs, and, of course, lists ("100 Most Influential Harvard Alumni" starts things off). Caroline Miller, whose tenure at New York grows a bit more halcyon in our memories each time we read anything by Emily Nussbaum or Hugo Lindgren, has been brought in to consult, and Atlantic associate publisher Meredith Kopit has signed on as publisher. This entire Observer profile of the magazine deserves to be read (there's some beautiful internecine bitching about couches and coffee from disgruntled Atlantic staffers), but be forewarned, the requisite quote from Kurt Andersen included within is so jaw-droppingly, ass-smoochingly, self-regardingly twatty that even those of you who haven't read Turn of the Century will lose all respect for him.

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