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How can you not love Ellen Barkin's 2nd floor balcony? When she first moved in to her West 12th Street townhome, Barkin erected a miserable privacy fence around the balcony, blocking her neighbors' courtyard view. Then she had a change of heart, and the fence has since been removed. Alas, without a privacy fence, one doesn't get much privacy. A reader writes:

I live on 12th st., in an apartment that sits right above the deck where she put the misery fence (since removed.) A new fence is now up, this one just decorative and not pissing off the neighbors. Yay.

What IS pissing off the neighbors is that her kids and their friends hang out on the deck all night, smoking pot (the smell wafts through my open window) and doing whatever else they do that allows them to stay awake until 5:30AM like they did last night. Loud. I wonder if she knows that her 14-year-old daughter is doing drugs out on the deck all night.

We can't confirm whether or not Barkin clan's getting high, but we can confirm that Ellen Barkin is the most entertaining thing to happen to the West Village since anal sex.

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