We're all a little jumpy about strangers in this post-9/11 world, and nowhere is tension over immigrants more pronounced than in the Valley, where immigrants run the world (and wash its dishes).

A concerned reader noticed, leafing through Wired Magazine, that one of the role-playing terrorists in a story on military training camps resembled a local Valley PR figure. Could outspoken blogger Jeremy Pepper be an Iraqi collaborationist?

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The evidence seemed damning. Pepper is known for popping up suddenly at gatherings full of self-important Valley figures with a backpack similar to the one the man above sports.

But Pepper's defense comes in the form of a recent self-portrait. Like any good Valley geek, and unlike his lookalike, Pepper never shows up without his iPod headphones securely in place.

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The only terror this man's spreading is the tinny leaked sound of his Black Eyed Peas mp3s.

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