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You weren't on your computer night, you were at some kick-ass party. So you're just now finding out that AOL launched its highly anticipated clone of social news site at

No worries. Here are nine reasons you're not missing a thing.

  1. The above picture is Netscape's top story.
  2. Http:// doesn't actually work — it's the clumsy Details, AOL! Details!
  3. Yeah, by the way, it's AOL. AOL of the "eternal September" of clueless newbies. AOL, which was so bad that old-school Net users thought meant kids from some lowbrow public college were logging onto Usenet. AOL, which has yet to even produce a decent set of coasters. (You know what I mean.)
  4. That vile teal color is so '98. Not that we're ones to talk, but Digg is a lot prettier.
  5. The vote button is ugly too.
  6. 24-hour chat. Because AOL chat sure has made the Internet a classy place.
  7. There's a channel called "Women." Hello iVillage! Goodbye pretense of gender equality!
  8. Half the other entries are about Netscape. It's one thing for a newbie site like Digg to be systematically self-obsessed — but geez, Day 1 and a post-facial old-fogey site Netscape is already all about itself? Call the Fonz — that's one impressive shark jump.
  9. Hating it just seems right, ya know?

Netscape Beta [Official site]
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