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If you've put off trying to infiltrate Hyde, the current hottest and most exclusive celebrity-jammed glory hole in all of Hollywood, for fear of winding up collateral damage in a hair-yanking disagreement between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, it might be time to take the risk. Especially if you're trying to "make it in the business," as Rush & Molloy report that the club's clientele now officially includes high-profile producer types out trolling for tail:

Brian Grazer doesn't seem to be in any hurry to patch things up with his estranged wife, Gigi. The "Da Vinci Code" producer has been cruising the L.A. night with swinging single Steve Bing. They entertained a bevy of young things at Hyde the other night ...

We trust that anyone inclined to use this information to increase their chances of a private, bathroom stall audition doesn't need to be told to suppress the urge to expel a mouthful of Grey Goose upon hearing the pick-up lines, "I can make Opie make you a star," or "Liz Hurley still brags about the way I knocked her up."