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Jeremy Piven's bathroom line-cutting nemesis, Stephen Dorff, got up close and personal with the UK's Observer Woman magazine, notes, offering a refreshingly candid window into a childhood chock-full of guilty, girlish pursuits:

He confessed that, when he was a kid, he loved wearing woman's clothes and watching girls put their make-up on.

"Since I was a young boy, I always loved watching ladies get ready," he said.

"I figure I would have been gay or asexual, if I didn't want women the way I do." [...]

"I'm amazed that I haven't had a baby yet after years of being drunk and wild in nightclubs at 4am," he confessed...

That Dorff, who once thrilled audiences playing cross-dressing Factory worker Candy Darling in I Shot Andy Warhol, admitted to a fondness for frilly underthings and possessing a sure-handedness with an eyebrow pencil should come as no surprise. Still, announcing to the world that one used to delight in sliding around the living room in one's mother's high heels can sometimes come off sounding a tad off-key to the rest of the guys in one's club-hopping pussy patrol, so we can hardly blame Dorff for backtracking with his closing "I love chicks and chick stuff so much, I can't believe I haven't knocked up every single one of the over 2000 broads I've banged to orgasm throughout the years!" disclaimer.