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The following just dropped into our inbox:

Pilot for New Reality Series on A&E Network

Celebrity Chef and Cookbook Author Rocco Di Spirito is shooting his new cable TV show, and we're looking for people with a dramatic situation in their life involving food. Worried about that engagement dinner with your picky mother-in-law? Will a family barbeque set the stage to reunite an estranged family member? Do you want to win back your ex-girlfriend with an impressive romantic dinner!? Maybe you just never learned how to cook, and it's a source of tension between you and a loved one! Email us with your story, and we'll contact you!

The show will shoot at the end of June, beginning of July, and requires a commitment of 4-6 days. You must live within 45 min of Manhattan.

You ever think Rocco is the main character in scary stories that celebrity chefs tell their kids when they're putting them to bed at night?

Mario Batali: ...and then, after Tourundel took over Union Pacific, and even his ex-girlfriend was getting better press than he was, Rocco had to host the food version of "Nanny 911!"

Batali children: Nooooo! Mommy!