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The Silicon Valley Fight Club enjoys its third round of publicity (see round one and round two) on Fox News, where anchor John Gibson grills club founder Gints Klimanis about its safety.

KLIMANIS: There are no formal rules other than use better judgment than your own and don't walk into this with the intention of maliciously hurting someone either physically or spiritually. [...]

GIBSON: By the way, Gints, we've been looking at this video but when you came on, I was wondering if my eyes deceived me. Do you have what amounts to an injury across the bridge of your nose and is that from this?

KLIMANIS: Well, this is from this activity two days ago. We do fight with a facial mask, which enables us to swing weapons at one another. The mask doesn't offer a lot of protection because it's light, but without it you'd lose an eye having a stick or having a blunt training object being stuck into your face. Safety is always important.

Silicon Valley Fight Club: Dorky, unmanly, but still ridiculously dangerous.

Bonus notes: When Gints says "this activity," he's using "distancing language," a speech pattern used in awkward situations to deny responsibility. Come on, Gints! Be proud to be a battling nerd!

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