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Post gossip dowager Cindy Adams shakes a bony finger at her readers this morning as she reveals how, once again, the world won't listen to her powers of prognostication:

I WAITED to see would I be proved wrong. I wasn't. I now report I told you when Rep. Patrick Kennedy was driving under the influence and got rescued - not arrested, rescued - by Washington, D.C., cops that nobody would investigate the DCPD. I told you nobody would ask why they cuddled him, coddled him and personally chauffeured him home. Anyone else committing that crime, driving while impaired, menacing society, would be jailed, not tucked into bed by the fuzz. Kid Kennedy has even confessed he was zonked behind the wheel. I told you the cops wouldn't get reprimanded. I told you they gave him a pass, but everyone's looking away. I told you D.C.'s old-boy network law enforcers know where raises are buttered, and that this isn't the first time they've lent a helping hand to a fallen congressdrunk. The only thing I haven't told you is why nobody but me notices this.

While she may not have been the first person to observe that politicians in the District are allowed more leeway than the average resident (that honor goes to former first lady Dolley Madison, Cindy's best friend in high school), Cindy does have something of a scoop, one that we hadn't noticed before: Rep. Kennedy was "cuddled" by police? We guess they really do treat politicians differently down there.

Do love Paris for the scent of her humility [NYP]


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