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• Tyler Green asks the hard questions about NYT art critic Grace Glueck's relationship with the Clark Art Institute: "[W]ho at the NYT knew? And why wasn't it flagged as an obvious conflict of interest?" Our question: Grace Glueck? Clark Art Institute? Should either of these names ring a bell? [Arts Journal]
• Boobies + alcohol + college kids + Internet = $. If you've never read a piece about, today's the day to smack yourself in the head and say, "I coulda done that!" [Fox News]
• Majority of English hacks privately educated, owe their jobs to school connections. Thank God things are different here in the U.S.A. [Guardian]
• Blogger-turned-Time columnist sticks it to The Man, gets fingered. [The Nation]
• Acting like a hyperventilating batshit loon who's one step away from the bughouse is one thing, but when you add props to the occasion, you're crossing the line. [Marketwatch]