A handful of desperately nervous geniuses are getting little sleep these days; they're the "chosen ones," the not-necessarily-bright young things selected to compete on a MTV reality show for a Rolling Stone internship. It's practically identical to MTV's earlier magazine internship reality competition, Miss Seventeen, only with a barely perceptible recast of the lead editorial megalomaniac. Thus it'd be wise for the geniuses on the latest show to take a lesson from Miss Seventeen contestant Brianne Burrowes, who quit the show after three episodes, blubbering that she didn't want "to be affiliated with a house of liars." Harsh, but that blow was considerably softened by Burrowes' other quotables: "Atoosa is, like, who I want to be"; another contestant noted that for Burrowes, meeting Rubenstein was "like meeting Jesus." Clearly, Rubenstein would be a selfless fool to let these comments go unheeded — even though Burrowes didn't win the MTV competition, she still scored a summer internship after taping was completed.

If the Rolling Stone contestants are as smart as they would like us to think they are, they'll concoct themselves a similar Plan B. Quit early and in a glorious huff if things aren't going your way, but secure yourself post-show employment by saying that "meeting Jann Wenner was like meeting Judy Garland." He'd be a fool to let you go.

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