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Oh, the things we've missed in the Sunday Times. It's not just showers and deodorant anymore; by not reading yesterday's Sunday Styles — we were on vacation; give us a break — we missed yet another important life lesson. It's a bit of wisdom from Pat Lillis, who, according to her frontpage style-section profile, is the Pet Detective of the Hamptons. (What, your hometown didn't have one of those? Hicks.) Young Vito Schnabel, son of artist Julian, provides our teachable moment:

"Born and reared in New York City and can't spell Chihuahua," she said, shaking her head forlornly. "And drinking! Don't get me wrong — I love drinking. Everyone should drink. But there's a time and a place for it. When your four-pound dog goes missing, it's not the time to be slurping beer."

Certainly not. Four-pound dog actually calls for something heavier, perhaps a full-bodied brunello di Montalcino?

Saving Summer, a Pet at a Time [NYT]
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