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A few months ago, we noticed that Google CEO Eric Schmidt had a rosary partner other than his wife Wendy. Well, since then, it's become no secret that Eric and his wife are on the outs, and no one know what happened to his fellow churchgoer. Meanwhile, all eyes have been on Eric's bosses, perpetual bachelors Larry and Sergey.

Well, according to this tip, Eric could beat both of them to "I do."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was spotted with his girlfriend Marcy Simon on Saturday on the beach in the French Riviera with Marcy sporting a huge yellow diamond engagement ring. I guess he actually is divorced and is readying for a long-term relationship.

Chances are, that's President Marcy Simon of PR and media consulting firm WCTV. Aha, Eric wasn't just looking for love. The efficient exec knows that now he can score free advice to prop up Google's flimsy PR arm. (And maybe throw in some private public speaking lessons.)

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