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A bit of random news from Boston: a rare case of measles was found in the Back Bay area, and an employee of the Christian Science Church was found to be exposed or infected. The Boston Public Health Commission is now asking every member of the church for proof of immunization, but, you know, Christian Scientists don't really "do" doctors or vaccines.

Over at the otherwise lovely Christian Science Monitor, the majority of the staff hasn't been vaccinated — and if just one staffer becomes infected, the rest of the non-immunized staff would have to be quarantined. This has editors rather concerned, as a quarantine situation would leave the paper to be run by a small handful of non-Scientist staffers and interns.

In order to prevent a journalistic catastrophe, CSM staffers have very grudgingly started to get immunizations, even though they believe that the measles threat is "not true." Nevertheless, the Public Health threat still stands, and if one staff member gets sick, the quarantine will go into effect. For properly vaccinated editorial assistants, it could be quite the opportunity.