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· The Da Vinci Code is about to pass Forrest Gump as the second-biggest drama of all time after Titanic, though we should mention that the term "drama" seems to mean "any non-comedy not starring a Hobbit, comic book superhero, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, dinosaurs, Will Smith, Reese's Pieces-eating extra-terrestrials, or Keanu Reeves." [Variety]
· As noted earlier, Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson will star in the Paramount comedy Drillbit Taylor, about a "low budget solider of fortune" hired to protect some nerds from a high school bully. [THR]
· Reality TV production juggernaut Endemol gets started on its plan to destroy Hispanic culture by launching Endemol USA Latino, whose first order of business is making sure that Spanish-speakers have their own opportunity to shout at briefcases containing various dollar amounts. [Variety]
· Dan Rather is leaving CBS News after 44 years. We know that this probably doesn't mean anything to you, so for some perspective, imagine how you'd feel if Mary Hart suddenly stepped down from the Entertainment Tonight desk. [THR]
· Josh Lucas takes a second-banana role as an FBI investigator in Smart, based on the life of quirkly, germ-phobic GQ and Esquire magazine founder David Smart. [Variety]