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Bravo managed to take all the elements that worked so well for Project Runway, and reapply them to the world of food for Top Chef. Aspiring designers becamed cooks, dresses became dishes, runways became table tops, and robotic host Heidi Klum became robotic host Katie Lee Joel, Billy Joel's lovely daughter wife. And while Klum's stiffly delivered challenge instructions and "auf wiedersehen" contestant kiss-offs somehow always worked for Runway, Joel never quite managed to muster the spice required from a host of a dishy, backstabbing series set almost entirely in the kitchen. The Televisionary blog now reports that she won't be coming around for second helpings:

Katie Lee Joel, the veritable "Uptown Girl" herself...will NOT be sticking around for a second course of Bravo's hit culinary competition. According to a well-placed insider, Joel will "not be returning" to the show. No reason for her departure was cited.

Joel always seemed way over her head on Chef, but now that she's out of the dog eat dog world of competitive culinary reality television, there's lemonade to be fashioned from those lemons: She now has more time to spend at home preparing healthy meals for her husband, served with a smile, and a barely audible, "Bet that Brinkley bimbo couldn't make toast without burning it."