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Today in rich people not helping poor people news, Larry Ellison stiffed Harvard for $115 million. Oh, Harvard's not poor, but the Ellison Institute for World Health — where the Oracle CEO's money was headed — probably would have made life a little easier for some of the little people.

But 28 people at the Institute are now jobless, ten months after Ellison promised the money to pay them. While would-be Institute members at Harvard still express hope, Larry's spokespeople won't comment to the press. Which means that not only is Larry stiffing his beneficiaries — he's delivered them a big "fuck you."

Hey, it's not like the mogul is made of money. Those yacht payments take a big bite from the billionaire budget, and sometimes there's not enough left to feed the dog.

Er, sorry, feed the charity.

Harvard left in lurch Ellison over donation [MSNBC, who probably meant "over Ellison donation"]