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Today's Observer is just the gift that keeps on giving, ain't it? In our excitement over byline-hording reporters and sweat-averse women and shitty offices, we nearly forgot about an item tacked at the end of Gabe Sherman's media column. Joshua Foer — the youngest of the three brothers and the expert memorizer — has apparently just moved to New York, leaving only New Republic editor Frank in the familial spawning ground, Washington, D.C. What will Josh be doing in the big city? Working on a book about memory, and freelancing for pubs including the Times, Slate, and National Geographic. And where will he be living? He won't say:

"I literally just moved in," Mr. Foer wrote. "I haven't even figured out where to plug in my electric toothbrush or which day is trash collection. Given that most of my friends don't know that I'm here yet, I'd hate to have them read about it in the newspaper. Plus, I sort of think I should do something a little more noteworthy than just move to town before I end up the subject of one of your columns. I'll keep you posted."

A perfect opportunity for citizen journalism if ever we saw one. (We're unleashing the power of blogs! Our readers are smarter than we are! Assorted other Jarvis/Rosen/Gillmor platitudes!) So tell us, citizen readers — and especially you recent Yalies, who may be friends with the kid and thus have an answer — where in New York is Josh Foer living? Enquiring minds want to know. Or, at least as much as they wanted to know he was moving here in the first place.

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