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The individual responsible for contributing 50% of Tori Spelling's genetic material, 83-year-old TV producing titan Aaron Spelling, suffered a stroke over the weekend, a spokesman announced today:

Prolific television producer Aaron Spelling, whose shows include "Beverly Hills 90210," "Dynasty," "Charlie's Angels," "Love Boat" and "Melrose Place," suffered a stroke over the weekend and was briefly hospitalized, his spokesman said on Wednesday. [...]

Sasaki said he had no details of the extent of the stroke but said that the fact he was released from the hospital was a positive sign.

We wish Spelling a speedy recovery—it's the very least we can do considering all the pleasures, Hervé Villechaize-related and otherwise, he's provided for us throughout his career. We're confident, however, that the veteran won't let a little cerebral blood clot get in the way of his life's mission of producing sinfully addictive TV. In fact, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a frothy, nighttime soap set in and around the irresistibly campy world of sexy rehabilitation nurses and speech therapists soon found its way onto a primetime network schedule.