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Sun Micrososystems interim-but-doesn't-know-it-yet CEO Jon Schwartz kicks off the Thursday talks at the Supernova 2006 conference. He opens with a little speech about Moore's Law as it applies to Sun's data center innovations (and clogging the conference wifi by streaming the World Cup).

Hoo boy, Web 2.0 just got dropped, albeit with a clever disclaimer that CMP and O'Reilly Media own the term. Liveblogging (did he just predict convergence?) will continue after the jump.

Yep, Schwartz says that in a few years, you'll get the same stuff on your phone, your laptop, your brain-embedded HUD...

Supernova host Kevin Werbach asks Schwartz about his earlier statement, "All CEOs should blog." Schwartz points out that a few years ago, CEOs didn't read their own e-mail or have cell phones. Being a CEO is all about communicating, he says, and blogging is a new part of that.

Schwartz says he isn't the best-read blogger at Sun. But he understands why Bill Gates doesn't blog — it would undermine the importance of other Microsoft bloggers. (Whereas everyone knows that while Gates knows his technology cold, Schwartz can be safely ignored while everyone reads the engineers' blogs.)

Schwartz says eBay has more searches per day than Google. O RLY Jon? Can someone get numbers on this?

When Jon Schwartz says "unFATHomably large," he sounds a bit like Bill from "Kill Bill."

"I hope you have your job for a long time," says Werbach. Don't count on it, dude.

Everything, EVERYTHING, will be networked and connected and running on phones and computers and Blu-Ray and PUPPIES AND KITTENS OH JOY. And Sun will make money off of it all, until it gives the money-making platform away free and makes money fixing it when it breaks.

Aaaaand we're wrapped up. Next: Craig Newmark, the teddy-bear founder of Craigslist.