Trade Round-Up: Tony Soprano To Lead Mobster Sit-Down

· Tony Soprano plans to meet with Paulie and Silvio in the back room of the Bada Bing, where he will tell them they're out of the their fucking minds if they think they're gonna shake down HBO for $200K an episode, ignoring Dr. Melfi's advice that he should try and see the dispute from the perspective of two character actors who are feeling somewhat underappreciated. [THR]
· Fox will launch almost all of its shows before the fall season "officially" begins, trying to get viewers interested in the series before they disappear for weeks because of the baseball playoffs. [Variety]
· HBO is in talks with "Everybody Loves" Ray Romano and 24 creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran for a comedy series in which Romano plays a billionaire with only six months to live. [THR]
· The MPAA and the the producers of football n' Jesus flick Facing the Giants are squabbling over whether the film received a PG instead of a G because the ratings boards finds Christianity too scary for small children. [Variety]
· The WGA East and West approve Constitutional amendments that will settle an ugly feud between the coastal factions without tragic gunplay. [THR]