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A Defamer operative stumbled home late last night and stayed conscious long enough to share this stunning photo and brief report about a little get-together following the Superman Returns premiere:

I just got in from the after-after-party for the Superman premiere at a house on Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. The best part of the entire night is that it was this fancy mansion, all the stars, even Superman (who likes to eat chocolate eclairs, btw), and they had these signs with the Superman logo directing people to the bathrooms. And when you went into the bathroom, there was this sign— I guess Warner Bros. couldn't spring for the owner to get the plumbing fixed at the house ahead of time. Hollywood is so classy.

In defense of the hosts, it's probably better to post some embarrassing signs than have to ask the guest of honor to use his super-powers to save hundreds of guests from an evil tidal wave unleashed by some villain who's too drunk to figure out how to use the toilet.