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• Britney's ratty brown wig is not a wig. Smart move: split ends are harder to see when you hair's dark. [Us Weekly]
• Remember the Meow Mix House? Every single cat from the "reality show" has since been adopted, except for one: Bambi, who hisses and scratches. Best Post sentence ever: "Some say the cat-dorable cat-estant has yet to be cat-dopted simply be-claws the 7-year-old puss is sporting a little Man-cat-tan meow-titude." [NYP]
• Oh, look — it's Amy Sedaris' apartment. Again. [NYT]
• We are a pain in Steve Cuozzo's ass. Finally, we can rest now. [Belle in the Big Apple]
• Snoop shills for Orbit gum. So sad — remember when there was so much drama in the LBC? Those were the days. [Adfreak]
• An open letter to Nicole Richie, so that she may raise Lupus awareness. [Cobain in a Coma]
• Because your Shake Shack obsession MUST be coddled, do enjoy the Shack Cam dashboard widget. [Works Perfectly]