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The Sun Microsystems CEO is blogging, Bill Gates is talking on podcasts, and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban tells reporters to check his blog. It's an age where company heads face their critics and fans directly — for better or worse.

PR blogger Strumpette (aka Amanda Chapel) is known for playing nasty. Now she's crowing that she's bested the CEO of major PR agency Text 100 International. Amanda (if that's her real name) shares the entire exchange (she calls it a catfight) with Aedhmar Hynes, which she drove the CEO to end with this:

'Amanda', you chose not to comply with the rules of engagement I set in an earlier comment. As a result, this will mark the end of our conversation. I also won't allow you to make any further comments on this blog. You like to see yourself as the advocate of words, but the way YOU use words disqualifies you from an open dialogue. Your provocations on my blog are only minor examples of your vicious game. You have also attacked other respected individuals even though your attacks were baseless. I won't let something like that happen here. I am not the first to ban you from the dialogue, and I certainly won't be the last.

Hm. As in all catfights, looks like the real winners are the easily thrilled onlookers.

Text 100 CEO in Vicious Catfight with Strumpette [Strumpette]