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Q: How long does it take a starlet who owes her middling acting career to her father to rush to his side following a medical emergency?

A: We'll let you know when she shows up.

Following news of her father's ailing health, TORI SPELLING is rushing home to be with him. Tori told People magazine: "Dean and I will be travelling back to Los Angeles to be by my dad's side. We thank everyone for their love and concern for my dad during this difficult time. It means so much."

Tori will be joined by her new husband DEAN McDERMOTT as they fly in from Canada, where Tori has been promoting her new series, "So NoTORIous."

The senior Spelling had his stroke some time last weekend, which would put his daughter's journey back home at the five days (give or take day or two for the publication of her itinerary) and counting mark. To us, this all seems rather "unrushed," unless Tori's new legions of fans up north managed to convince the actress that they still haven't caught up to flying technology, then promptly mounted her on a dogsled and sent her mushing home through the Canadian wilderness with limited supplies.

UPDATE: Aaron Spelling has passed away. Tori, meanwhile, was spotted at 1pm EST today, "walking hand in hand" with Dean McDermott on the streets of Toronto.