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We at Defamer realize that not every momentary disagreement between actor and director ends with the star storming off to his trailer to call his agent, with the optional stop to gun down a smirking grip in cold blood on the way there. Accordingly, we are happy to share The Slug blog's account of the hat-related detente quickly achieved between an initially golf-cap-suspicious Topher Grace and a gently insistent Sam Raimi on the set of Spider-Man 3:

Anyway, we did notice something of note: Topher Grace, who plays baddie Eddie Brock aka Venom in the third installment, was chatting rather fussily about hats — ball cap or golf cap? decisions, decisions! — with director Sam Raimi. In this Slugvideo, you can hear him specifically say, "I will wear it if you want me to." (You can also hear an annoying assistant wrangling passers-by.) What a sport, Toph.

It really is moments like this one that restore our faith in the collaborative, creative endeavor that is moviemaking. Thank you, Topher and Sam, for sending us into the weekend with such a warm feeling in our usually coal-black hearts.