The Three Stooges of Silicon Valley found a Shemp. After Michael Arrington spoke at Dave Winer's BloggerCon, the TechCrunch blogger got sucked into Winer's little club — Winer, Marc Canter, and Steve Gillmor.

We've explained the crazy uncles before: Canter's a wacky Macromedia burnout, Gillmor's an attention-starved ZDNet journo, and Winer's a blog feed innovator who's always boss of the playground. Arrington is the latest victim of their attention-getting argument club.

Gillmor wrote a staggeringly incoherent BloggerCon wrapup, practically begging Winer and Arrington to link to it. Arrington did, asking his readers if anyone could decipher Gillmor's prose. (They can't.)

Gillmor and Winer chimed in on Arrington's comments, making — oh hell, here's a diagram.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Every microcosm has a group like this. Don't commit Arrington's mistake — steer clear of these mutually abusive cliques.

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