Last week we posted a compilation of reader sightings of starlet Natasha Lyonne, whose well-documented drug problems have pushed her towards obscurity. The sightings weren't positive — more or less, Lyonne was described as looking as if she fell off the wagon right before it ran over her. After the item ran, her father, Aaron Braunstein, emailed Gawker to speak with us, but when we responded that we were available, he never wrote back and we moved on with our day. But it would seem that Braunstein opted to talk to Lloyd Grove instead:

"Natasha is safe and sound in California, working on her role in 'Clara Bow,'" Braunstein E-mailed Lowdown. "Her sightings in N.Y. by Gawker people is a lie, and if Mel Sachs and our [lawyers] find out who is spreading these vicious lies, they will be dealt with legally, in an ugly, expensive matter."

Sachs, however, wouldn't comment, and Lyonne herself couldn't be hunted down. Braunstein's story then changes a bit; Natasha doesn't have a role in Clara Bow, but her father claims she's "probably" going to be the star.

Sarcasm aside, this is really sad. We understand Braunstein's reaction — he loves his daughter and you, hallucinatory readers, are hurting his family. But perhaps Natasha might be best helped if her father had a reality check: nobody wants to see a Clara Bow movie.

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