The Very Rich Are Different: They Throw Q-Tips From Their Windows

The Park Royal is a fancypants co-op on the Upper West Side — built in 1926 as an "apartment hotel," neighbor to the Dakota, and, according to its website, twice named one of the city's top ten co-ops. So you'd expect it would have fancypants residents with fancypants manners, right? Wrong. According to buildingwide memo sent Friday, some Park Royalists are finding their terraces — and sometimes even their windowsills — littered with cigarette butts and other debris. (The best one: "One terrace is inundated constantly with used Q-tips." Q-Tip inundation!) Could people with sufficient assets to get past the co-op board really behave so boorishly? Well, perhaps not. The memo is quick to consider an alternative hypothesis: "Ensure you have talked to your nanny, maid or contractor that this is not permitted." It's so hard to find good help.

Full memo after the jump.

The Park Royal
23 W. 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023

June 22, 2006

To: All Residents
From: Neil Zee, Resident Manager

The situation with residents (or their guests or workers) throwing things out of windows is becoming a serious issue.

We realize most of you would never consider this dangerous and annoying practice, but we are sending this memo to everyone. Ensure you have talked to your nanny, maid or contractor that this is not permitted.

There are terraces throughout the building and when you throw things out your window, they are landing on the terraces. In addition, cigarette butts are landing on people's window sills.

One terrace is inundated constantly with used Q-tips that someone is tossing out their bathroom window. Another terrace had no less than a dozen cigarette butts lying on it when the resident returned from a trip. These are not the only items. Other debris is constantly found on terraces.

Do not ever place anything on your window sills as it could fall out.

The staff is going to narrow down where these items are coming from and please do not be offended if you are not guilty when the staff comes knocking on your is the only way we can narrow down the sources.

Besides the annoyance to fellow residents, we are certainly concerned about the danger this practice imposes.

If you have a terrace and you have guests or workers, please make sure they do not throw their cigarettes over the terrace walls or out of the windows. Throw your personal garbage in a receptacle, not out the window!

We are all very intelligent people who want to be good neighbors and should understand why this is a serious problem. Those who are throwing debris and cigarettes out windows or over terrace walls know who you are and we implore you to please cease this practice.