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A couple of weeks ago, Matt Mullenweg's business cards broke.

The Wordpress blog platform creator's business card simply reads, "1. Go to Google. 2. Type 'Matt.' 3. Click 'I feel lucky.'" But when Matt's Google score tanked, his card was useless for a few days.

Thankfully, in the tough world of schmoozing, the Google trick is just one of the...

Five ways to make business cards that people keep

  • Rely on your Google rank. Go one step further than Matt and just print your name, as photographer Jake Appelbaum does. Just be sure your home page has your contact info.
  • Hire a real designer. They can pull off slick layouts that you won't find in Microsoft Publisher.
  • Say something clever. Not a stupid title — "VP of fun" sounds so 1996 — but something like this photographer's card, which reads, "If you let me take your photo, thanks! If not, here you go anyway."
  • Round the corners. It feels Web 2.0, and it's gentler on the fingers.
  • Leave some white space. Business cards are still the best place to write down contextual info for a new contact.

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Photo: Dead Business [Romanlily on Flickr]