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PeopleAggregator, Marc Canter's startup that gives people another social network they don't need, launched last night with a huge round of unwanted invitations. Apparently, Canter (pictured) sent an e-mail to every person who's ever e-mailed him, inviting them to his confusing social service.

Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny was the first to call out Canter. Canter replied with a barely readable rebuttal. His defense: Hey, you e-mailed me once, it's only fair.

Now the spam debate is snowballing. Mild-mannered Sean Bonner, founder of the Metroblogging network, says that Canter tried to spam his entire staff. Hard to believe all those recipients once e-mailed Canter, says Bonner. We've got a clear-cut case of spam.

Marc, buck up and tell yourself, "I can make friends without spam."

And then take a class in communication, 'cause damn, that shit is whack.

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