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• Palm Beach airport officials find a bottle of Viagra in Rush Limbaugh's bag, but the prescription is not in his name. The situation could result in a second-degree misdemeanor, and one very unsatisfied lady friend. [CNN]
People's online appendage is hiring — and much like OK!, they're looking on Craigslist. If that's the best their HR can afford, Time Inc. is suffering more than we all know. [Craigslist]
• Naomi Campbell sashays into court to deal with that silly time she chucked a crystal-encrusted BlackBerry at her housekeeper's head. Alas, she did not wear the coveted denim for her appearance. [TMZ]
• A very pregnant Lizzie Grubman — imagine, if you can, what horror grows within her womb. [New York Scene]
• Ann Coulter scores exactly 666 mentions on the HuffPo People Ranker. Coincidence? Hell fucking no. [HuffPo]
• It was only a matter of time before Billyburg hipsters made themselves their own ironic, Billyburg sitcom. Forgive us for kind of loving it. [The Burg]
• Dan Radosh's love of hardcore porn makes the New York Approval Matrix, but not without the snub of not naming his website. Though his wife is likely relieved. [Radosh]
• This may be the most adorably stupid item ever: hot priests who look like celebrities. Naturally, these men of the cloth have their own calendar. Even more naturally, we've ordered ourselves one for every square foot of HQ. [TMZ]