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Blah blah, massage therapist, blah blah, mango lassi machine. Yeah, yeah, Google's not really more fun to work at than Yahoo. Yahoo's way cooler:

  • All the millionaires are long gone. Or at least they've been promoted enough that you don't have them blasting their audiophile make-you-weep $3000 speakers from the next cubicle.
  • It's Hollywood, babe. When's the last time Tom Cruise visited Google and arm-wrestled the CEO?
  • No, at Google, you have to say hi to MC Hammer — "No, it's cool, Hammer, you're still popular. What was the line...can't...can't hit this? Touch this? Good line."
  • Googlers are so damn uppity. Oh, they act all laid back, but then you're chatting around the cafeteria and you name-drop, like, Arrested Development, and they're all "Oh I don't have a TV." Or if they do, the Tivo's stuck on "Battlestar Galactica."
  • You're gonna get fat at Google. There. I said it. You can't control yourself, so the free food will kill you.
  • Oh shut up, you would not use the exercycle and the swimming pool. You'd just roll the M&M's cart over to your desk and gorge.
  • At Google, you've gotta pretend to like Sergey's t-shirt. Which would be okay if he wasn't always asking, "Does this make me look fat?"

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Photo: Cruise and Semel arm wrestle [maidelba at Flickr]