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The sexy/hungry young lady at right is Isobella Jadeco, a homeless jane-of-all-trades who, despite her vertically challenged lot in life, has become "perhaps the most successful model in nyc under the height of 5'4." But for all of her petite success, Jadeco is living out of a suitcase and trying to pitch her memoir, composed entirely in the Soho Apple Store. She pitches FishbowlNY in the third person:

Where Isobella wrote her book is a story in it'se self [sic]. She wrote her whole memoir which is over 250 words, while standing in heels infront of an Imac 17inch computer at the Apple Store in soho.

Over 250 words, and in heels? Not even James Frey could make up this sort of soul-wrenching drama. After the jump, a 191-word "excerpt" of Jade's story.

That morning it felt different waking up with this job waiting for me. A job that would be my best friend, it would hug my desperate soul and tell me that I wasn't wasting my time or fucking around with having a pipe dream. It was chance; it was a moment that meant at the end of the day I would have a new reason to continue trying to be a model. And motivation that I should. I had worked before, for over the past 3 years. Maybe a lot of it was amateur and bullshit and got me no where but I recognized the tickling orgasmic feeling in my stomach, the anxiety and the pleasure of knowing I had a shoot. The difference was I just didn't always have a person to call after the shoot and a voucher to be signed.

The door to be professional was opening, slowly, but it was opening a little bit. This shoot would be a level that I had been curious about when I was posing just for my ego with photographer pricks back in 2001 and at the time ignored my potential.

5'2" Homeless Model Writes Tragic-Cum-Triumphant Memoir at SoHo Apple Store [FishbowlNY]