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It's come to our attention that in the final moments of Larry King's interview with Star Jones last night, the episode was given a special sign-off: As King was plugging tonight's forthcoming show, he took a pause and, "if you listen reeeeallly carefully," says our source, Ol' Shoulder Blades ripped an ass bomb. Or it certainly sounded like the man had gas, and ten rounds of DVR replays has our informant convinced. Because we're fucking idiots, we don't have last night's telecast recorded, so we can't confirm that Larry King did, in fact, fart at the end of his Star Jones exclusive. Granted, the flatulence could very well have come from Jones herself, what with her obvious gastro-intestinal difficulties. But unless it sounded like a foghorn, Jones is likely innocent.

Luckily for everyone, CNN is replaying the interview at 11 AM today, right up against The View. Obviously, we'll be watching — er, listening — and recording. Here's hoping the CNN edit room didn't erase the sweet sounds of Larry shooting a bunny.

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