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OK, we should say from the git-go that Vibe's PR rep told us in no uncertain terms that this rumor isn't true. And we're even inclined to believe her, as she sounded entirely surprised by the suggestion rather than coy and Clintonian when issuing her denial. But, still, there've been rumors floating yesterday and today that Vibe editor-in-chief Mimi Valdes has been laid off along with much of her staff. Further rumors say the folks have till Wednesday to clean out their desks, and a final rumor suggests that novelist and former Vibe EIC Danyel Smith will be returning to replace Valdes. As we say, we have no reason to think any of this is true. But the rumors have been persisting, and, because we always love tumult and controversy, we'd be thrilled if they turned out to be accurate. Anyone have corroboration?

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