A reader sent in a report from last night's Los Angeles Film Festival's closing screening—Sundance phenom Little Miss Sunshine—and ensuing awards ceremony and party. As the accompanying photo indicates, the organizers went on a photocopying/Scotch-taping frenzy, papering nearly every seat in the house with "Reserved for Fox Searchlight" signs. (Couldn't they have just saved some time and a forest and instead printed out fourteen signs reading "FEEL FREE TO SIT HERE?") The full report—including multiple Office cast member sightings (yet no sign of Sunshine star Steve Carell)—is after the jump.

UPDATE: Another reader did indeed spot stars Steve Carell and Greg Kinnear at the party. The short addendum also after the jump.

So last night I attended the closing night of the Los Angeles Film Festival and saw the awards presentation and the film "Little Miss Sunshine". After the typical clusterfuck at the red carpet/entry area, we went into the main floor of the Wordsworth Theater to find seats. There, we found....paper on EVERY g-damn seat in the place! I mean, check this out - despite my blurry phonecam shot, each seat is labeled "Reserved for Fox Searchlight". I mean, how many people work at that company anyways?! We finally found seats in the balcony, which proved to be a fun place from which to watch the award winners hear their names, attempt to make their long trek from the balcony to the main stage, and yes, get stopped by headset wearing goons from entering the main theater. We must have waited 15 minutes for some poor short filmmaker to get past security in order to collect his little award. Folks, the Oscars, this is not - let the poor man in! Anyways, Christina Applegate did a nice job of hosting the presentation, chastising all of us for loving the free booze all week and telling us to get back to work.

At the Moroccan-themed afterparty, held on the lawn outside the theater, there was plenty of that free booze (thank you Absolut!) and a decent Middle Eastern food spread. The peanut sauce was amazing, even though my mystery meat skewer was a bit tough. Here and there were cast members from "The Office", but curiously, no Steve Carell (who was genius in the film).

Celebs spotted: Alan & Adam Arkin, Greg Kinnear, Abigail Breslin (the little girl who steals the movie), Paul Dano (also great as the tortured brother), Applegate, and "Kevin", "Stanley" and "Ryan" from "The Office" (yes, I'm sure they have real names but they will forever be those characters).

Another reader writes:

In the interest of accuracy, Steve Carrell was at the Little Miss Sunshine screening/party last night. He spent much of the evening near the interview area, chatting with Greg Kinnear. Both were very pleasant and friendly, and kicked ass in the movie.