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A tech worker was fired this week for laughing at Valleywag. No, seriously.

An as-yet anonymous man pinged me on Monday:

Fired blog addict: did you write that latest Valleywag article on the Google product cycle?
Valleywag: nope
Fired: okay
because it just got me fired.
i was laughing so hard after reading it
that my boss got pissed off and told me that i'm done.
Wag: oh shut the front door, you cannot be serious
Fired: thanks valleywag
i was cracking up so fucking hard, that i dont blame them

The boss told this poor guy to clear out his stuff and leave his work on his desk the same day. More chat excerpts (in which our easily amused victim loses his dignity) are after the jump.

Stay tuned — this morning we'll link to this man's new web site, "Valleyhag got me fired."

Fired: like i dont even know whether to be upset or not
Fired: haha this is just surreal
Wag: yeah, seriously, did she already want you gone?
Fired: im done at the end of the day
Fired: which is, 30 mins.
Fired: maybe she'll take it back?
Fired: my girlfriend is going to kill me
Fired: if i go in there, and lose my last shred of dignity by asking for a pink slip, do you promise to find me a job and prevent my woman from killing me for gettting fired?

Fired: iave alawys wanted to have my own webstartup
Fired: maybe this is my chance!

Fired: im starting a blog
Fired: and filing suit against vvellwyag
Wag: haha
Fired: for getting me fired
Fired: ok i have to go get my fucking sandwich out of the fridge now

Fired: maybe i can get funding for my web startup idea
Fired: at your expense evil valleywag
Fired: i dotn get it i always laughed before, why did i get fired this time
Fired: i mean ive gotten wartnings before
Fired: especially when ther'es irrelevant pictures on the blog and she sees them and is like WHERES MY DAILLYU STATUS REPORT