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As you know, Valleywag got a guy fired this week for laughing at a guest post about Google. Guilty guest writer Garry Bibb responds here.

Some poor schmuck has been fired for a harmless little article I wrote a few days ago about the Google product cycle. He's started his own website, entitled Valleyhag, but fails to give many details except that the apparent final straw was indulging too heartily in a remark about Jeremy Zawodny.

I know what it's like to be fired. I remember working as a speechwriter for Soviet leader Gorbachev in the 80s and making an offhand remark about the more important Red Square on his forehead. Now I thought it was hilarious but I haven't been back to St. Petersburg since. Another time, on the way to an interview with Ross Perot, I tried to get Babs Walters to take the wheel of our Lincoln Continental as I took another swig of Courvosier. After some chiding from her superiors, she got to keep her job at ABC. I, on the other hand, lost mine and had to spend a night spooning with a rather large man named Ramon in cell D.

To Silicon Valley, I say: give this poor sap a job. He evidently has the skills to operate free blog software, almost always uses the proper capitalization, and can even operate a digital camera. At the very least, he has great taste in humorous articles.

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