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The business divorce between Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron and anchor Amanda Congdon gets bitchier by the hour. (If you just tuned in, see Amanda's original announcement and Andrew's rebuttal.)

  • Rocket Vote asks everyone to pick sides — click on Andy or Amanda to vote for the one you believe. [Rocket Vote]
  • AOL's Jason Calacanis offered Amanda a job vlogging for Netscape. She should take it while Netscape still has major readership. [Valleywag]
  • Amanda heightens the tension with her latest blog post, in which she argues with a letter from Andrew, point by point. [Amanda UnBoomed]
  • Blogger Dave Winer — one of Amanda's apparent heroes — says she wasn't transparent in her video, so we don't know how this precipitated. Winer wisely recommends watching some Ze Frank shows instead. [Scripting News]
  • Blogger Stowe Boyd lambasts Baron for letting this happen, since "without Amanda there is no Rocketboom, obviously." [Stowe Boyd]