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Anyone who walks onto the personal jet of the Google co-founders will need a map, and how kind of the Wall Street Journal to provide one (no subscription needed)! (I labeled it so no one accidentally walks into Larry Page's room when they meant to jump on Sergey Brin's California king-size bed.)

While we've got some room to talk here, I forgot some details in the last post on this piece. Larry and Sergey, for example, fought so hard over Sergey's king-size that CEO Eric Schmidt had to step in. Eric's words of peace, according to the fired plane designer, were "Sergey, you can have whatever bed you want in your room; Larry, you can have whatever kind of bed you want in your bedroom. Let's move on."

And, of course, there's Larry's request to hang hammock from the ceiling. Turbulence is fun again!

Lawsuits Fly Over Google Founders' Big Private Plane [WSJ, no sub]
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