Candy Spelling Denies Plan To Sell Iconic Family Estate And Move Into Modest 42-Bedroom Condo

With Aaron now out of the picture, and her children having either flown the coop and/or waging bitter tabloid battles against her, rumors have arisen that Candy Spelling is looking to dump the famed 56,500-square-foot Holmby Hills mansion the family has called home since the late 1980s. was first to report the estate was on the market, priced at a Sultan-friendly $150 million, but a quick denial was issued, and TMZ updated their story, specifying it was a "pocket listing." (Which, from as best as we can gather, is a listing on the downlow.) Today's LAT addresses what a sale like this would mean to the obnoxiously overpriced real estate market:

$150 million would be a new record by any measure. The highest residential sale in the United States was the $70 million paid for businessman Ronald Perelman's estate in Palm Beach, Fla., two years ago. The local record is the $47.5 million that David Geffen paid for a Beverly Hills estate 16 years ago.

A $150-million sale would even trump Donald Trump, who has a house on the market in Florida for $125 million. [...]

"The fact Aaron Spelling lived there and built it is not a bad thing," [Rick Goodwin, the New Jersey-based publisher of Ultimate Homes and Unique Homes magazines] said. "Properties like this don't come on the market that often."

We can hardly blame the Widow Spelling for wanting to rid herself of the sprawling thing: Amenities that must have once seemed the height of opulence and sophistication, like riding the solid gold monorail to Brunch Island, now must just seem empty and daunting when there's no one with whom to share the experience.