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The New York Times gets new quotes from Amanda Congdon after the Rocketboom vlog anchor split with founding producer Andrew Baron over escalating arguments about the show's direction. Now that Rocketboom is rich and famous, Andrew wanted his power back and tried to muscle Amanda out of her 49% share of the show — which is, like, so last decade.

"I've been writing, I've been producing, I've been hosting Rocketboom for over a year and half," Ms. Congdon said. "I'm not willing to be moved down to be a face. That's so old media."

Of course, the Times writer cheerily points out that "old media" is what's getting Amanda all this publicity.

Meanwhile, Andrew hasn't volunteered a good excuse for not letting Amanda expand the show to L.A. Nor has he denied that his show is now fucked.

A Rift at the Video Blog Rocketboom Triggers a Cyberspace Soap Opera [NYT]