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Read the Times Magazine this weekend? Have a good chuckle at The Funny Pages? No? Us either! This marks the forty-second consecutive week we've stared at the column, Homer Simpson-like, yelling "Be more funny!" But where we are resigned to apathy and disgust, other, braver souls dig deeper. Frequent Gawker commenter Worker # 3116 has done extensive research to crack the code concerning what makes a Funny Pages essay:

1. Find an aspect of your life that is boring. 2. Find the boringest anecdote that reveals this aspect in action. 3. Try to cram meaning into this anecdote, where before there was no meaning.

There's more, including an outline of paragraph structure. We suggest you check it out: The world can't wait to hear about the time your boyfriend brought over donuts for brunch and you decided he was calling you fat. With this handy guide, we'll be skipping over your essay (and "La Maggie La Loca" and whatever "serial" they've got running) in two weeks!

There's No You In "Funny Pages" [WWJCD?]