In the absence of photographic evidence that would dispel rumors of Suri Cruise's possibly mythical status, does its part to prove her existence by digging into the public record and retrieving the suspiciously unseen infant's birth certificate. Unsurprisingly, not even the routine filing of a simple document could escape the weirdness that has dogged the Cruise camp since Suri's alleged conception, as TMZ reports that the birth certificate was filed 20 days after the birth, that the birth was officially certified by a "friend" (read: two-hundred-dollar-a-year Celebrity Centre gift shop clerk), not by Cruise or rent-to-own incubator Kate Holmes, and signed by a nurse who "was not in the delivery room and did not see the baby." Perhaps the most distressing of the certificate's irregularities is Tom Cruise's sole occupation of the "Father of Child" field, a selfish credit-hogging that ignores the tireless work of the team of dozens of genetic technicians and DNA donors that helped bring the Miracle Baby Project to fruition.