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Today's Variety reports that New Gay Mafia (remember, the "mirth-making," not David Geffen, kind!) dons Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold, who manage seemingly every comedy star in Hollywood, are splitting up their management/production company. As with any divorce, we are concerned primarily with the fate of the children of their longtime union, custody of whom will be divvied up thusly:

They are still working out the details, but the pair will continue to co-manage Jim Carrey. Gold will take such clients as Vince Vaughn and Ellen DeGeneres, while Miller will continue to rep Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow, Jay Roach, Sacha Baron Cohen and writer-director Adam McKay.

And what does this mean for you, the avid consumer of Hollywood big-budget comedy product? Not much, unless you care which manager is reaping millions from a cut of the next time Judd Apatow strolls into a Universal executive's office, utters the phrase, "Will Ferrell as the world's greatest chimney sweep," and walks out with a project greenlit for the summer of 2008.