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Aw, venture capitalists are so CUTE! From their nerdy haircuts down to their wingtips, these guys are lovable dorks that spent business school wonking away in the library. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, they're reliving those days of kissing up to the frat boys. Witness one VC stress about how he looked in front of all those cool young entrepreneurs:

At a pizza-and-beer party attended by youthful software writers and would-be CEOs in Seattle in late May, venture capitalist Greg Gottesman arrived in a smart white jacket that turned some heads. He looked like "he was about to attend brunch at the yacht club," said one attendee. Mr. Gottesman of Madrona Venture Group admits that in hindsight, the jacket was a mistake. While he thought the event would be a small affair, "I got in there, there were 500 people, it was 1,000 degrees, there was beer all over the place," he says. "It wasn't a great place for that jacket."

Mr. Gottesman, 36, says he doesn't think his attire "ruined his street cred" with the young crowd. "I did have a beer and a piece of pizza in hand," he notes.

That's it, Greg, you did all right! They'll totally let you into the Junior-Senior banquet!

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