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Alexander Payne's follow-up* to Sideways, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, is the Backdraft-meets-Boat Trip story of two firefighters who pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefit. The fake firemen lovers in question are none other Adam Sandler and Kevin James, who, according to a Defamer operative, are either taking their field research very seriously, or just bouncy-shlong crazy and could care less who knows it:

Whilst enjoying some cocktails out on the patio of Mickey's in the 'Ho with my faggle, we saw Adam 'Click' Sandler sashaying down Santa Monica with some friends, including bear poster boy, Kevin James (insert King of Queens joke here). Much to our surprise, Sandler and James, along with their posse, sauntered into the club. They stayed on the other side of the room, near the nicely endowed go-go boy. One of my faggle did a little Nancy Drew-ing and found out from one of the go go boys that this wasn't the first time Happy Gilmore was seen at this particular establishment.

Indeed, this kind of dedication to the faking-gay-for-laughs craft is to be commended on the part of both actors, who clearly are going the extra mile in order to win brownie points with director Payne. Still, Sandler could probably have skipped paying homage by reenacting one of Sideways' most famous scenes, startling Mickey's' patrons by drunkenly screaming at his co-star that he is "NOT drinking any fucking 2-for-1 Green Appletinis!!!"

*UPDATE: Payne only penned the Chuck and Larry screenplay; Benchwarmers director Dennis Dugan will be directing. We apologize for our insufficient IMDb-surfing research skills.