WWD's Memo Pad has gotten its well-manicured little hands on a galley for Times shopaholic Alex Kuczynski's plastic surgery book, Beauty Junkies — we're just shocked that a galley exists, suggesting that Kuczynski's book, which has been "forthcoming" for the past 12 years, is not a fabrication of the collective media imagination. Apparently Kuczynski spends no less than 30 pages detailing her own cosmetic procedure history, which includes an eyelift, collagen injections, Juvederm treatments, regular Botoxing, a nasty run in with Restalyne, and liposuction. Exhale. It's no more extreme than the regimen of your average lady who lunches, though pictures of Kuczynski certainly depict a more natural visage.

But then WWD made the excellent choice of running a photo (at right, versus the usual headshot at left), and you can see the effects of Alex's expensive little habit.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

It's like a before-and-after advertisement for a chic, uptown sandblasting service.

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